Inon AD Lens Holder for Float Arm
Brand: Inon
SKU: 4562121435209

A lens holder attached on Float Arm/Mega Float Arm/Mega Float Tube or on the "M5 Joint" installed on Stick Arm/Multi Ball Arm (*1) to carry AD series/28AD series attachment lens to help comfortable multiple lens handling underwater. The lens holder is screwed on an arm or M5 Joint through center screw hole.

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S$ 20.00

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Inon Lens Accessories

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Usable to hold SD Mount series attachment lenses for GoPro® as well.
(*1) "Multi Ball Arm SS" is not compatible with the "M5 Joint". "Stick Arm XS-T" and "Multi Ball Arm S" can hold the "M5 Joint" but not compatible with a lens holder.
Weight: 26g (0.9oz) [air] / approx.6g (0.2oz) [underwater]
Compatible Arm etc.
Float Arm S/M/ML
Mega Float Arm S/M
M5 Joint + Stick Arm SS-T/S-T/M-T/L
M5 Joint + Multi Ball Arm ML/L/LL/XL
Mega Float Tube S/M
[Compatible Lens]

  • UWL-100 28LD
  • UWL-105 AD
  • UFL-165 AD
  • UCL-165 AD

*An INON attachment lens with long lens barrel such as "UFL-M150 ZM80" underwater micro fisheye lens or "UWL-S100 ZM80" wide conversion lens is supported by "AD Lens Holder DP for Float Arm".