Inon Mega Float Tube M
Brand: Inon
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Buoyancy: 500g (17.6oz) [underwater]

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S$ 95.00 S$ 110.00

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Inon Floats

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Buoyancy: 500g (17.6oz) [underwater]
Weight: 203g (7.2oz) [air]
Outer diameter: 103mm (4.0in)
Full length: 109mm (4.3in)
Compatible arm:
 Carbon Telescopic Arm S/M/L
Compatible accessory:
 Lens Holder for Float Arm, Shoe Base Spacer

Exclusively designed for Carbon Telescopic Arm to generate extraordinary buoyancy underwater with weather resistant ABS material which carries lower specific gravity, and hollow design. Maximum two Mega Float Tubes can be attached on both ends of the Carbon Telescopic Arm. The Float Tube is designed to screw on Carbon Telescopic Arm and fixed with the dedicated lock ring.
The Float Tube can hold a Lens Holder for Float Arm or a Shoe Base Spacer on its side.

Attaching a Mega Float Tube on the side without grip of the Carbon Telescopic Arm won’t have minimum extension.

The Mega Float Tube M is not compatible with Carbon Telescopic Arm SS.